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Pilates Perth, WA | The Perth Pilates Studio

The Top 10 Pilates Gifts for 2016

Have a Pilates-loving friend or relative? Know someone feeling stressed, sore or out of shape? We have the perfect gift suggestions to light up their Christmas! You’ll find ideas for every budget including last minute emergency options.

All products available in-store from Wednesday 2nd November while stocks last. 

No 1: Gift Vouchers (Online or In-Store)

Give the gift of Pilates! Grab a gift card online for any amount here. If your present is for someone new to us, take advantage of our intro offer of 2 weeks group Pilates mat, reformer & barre classes for $49. Maybe they’d benefit from a little more one on one attention? Grab a studio intro offer including 2 private lessons & 2 weeks of semi-private instruction for $179. 

We also have printed gift cards at the studio if you'd prefer to drop by to pick one up. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving! Make someone feel stronger, longer and more confident - they’ll love you for it.

No 2: The Pilates Stick

Pilates Reformers aren’t exactly affordable but the Pilates Stick is. This professional grade body sculpting system allows you to perform many of the exercises you’d do on a Pilates reformer or trapeze table at home for a fraction of the cost. It’s the same prop we use in our studio during Xtend Stick and Small Apparatus classes.

Each Pilates Stick comes with an exercise mat and instructional DVD included. Simply use the door jamb anchor (provided) to attach the Pilates Stick in any available doorway and you’re set to go.

Purchase in-store at the studio for $227 (limited stock available)

No 3: Magic Foam Roller

Every Pilates studio worth its weight is stacked with an abundance of foam rollers. Foam rollers good for massaging and stretching the body and can also be used in a variety of Pilates exercises.

The Magic Roller ($88) is the kind you’ll find in any studio, meaning it won’t get lumpy over time and has a non-skid surface to prevent slipping and sliding. We have full ($88) and half-length ($44) Magic Rollers available for you beautifully gift wrapped in-store. Each roller comes with a bonus instructional handout written by Studio Director Elizabeth Wilson.

No 4: Pilates Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is one of the original tools Joseph Pilates created to help you find your core more easily. It’s a versatile tool ideal for strengthening and toning the whole body (especially, but not only, the inner thighs!).

Boxed, gift wrapped magic circles are available for $66. Each one comes with an instructional booklet written by Studio Director Elizabeth Wilson.

No 5: Boxilates Gloves, Pads and Liners

Everything you need to take your Boxilates practice home. This set ($79) includes one pair of boxing gloves, one pair of focus pads and two pairs of cotton glove liners for hygiene.

Grab a buddy to practice technique and boost your fitness even when you can’t make it to class.

No 6: “Getting to the Splits” Workshop

Our hugely popular “Getting to the Splits” workshop runs every two months. If you know anyone interested in gaining flexibility around the hips (or having a good party trick), this is the gift for them. Purchase an online workshop gift voucher here for $40.

Your recipient can book in to attend whichever workshop date suits them best. We schedule one workshop at a time in advance. Details of our next scheduled workshop can be found here

No 6: The “Love Pilates” Classic Tee & Sock Set

Gear up and announce your love of Pilates to the world with our “Love Pilates” classic tee and sock set.

Set includes a signature “Love Pilates” studio tee plus a pair of organic cotton non-slip socks in your choice of size and colour for $39 ($55 value).

No 7: Pilates Foam Exercise Mat

Pilates lovers will be able to do The Hundred anywhere with one of our durable Pilates mats. These mats are 10mm thick (ideal for rolling type exercises where a thin yoga mat won’t do) and come with a carry strap.

Perfect for all Pilates and floor-based boxilates & barre exercises. Available in-store for $29.

No 8: Xtend Barre Organic Cotton Non-Slip Socks

Stop your feet slipping and sliding during you workouts at home and in the studio with our high quality, organic cotton non-slip socks.

Choose from ankle socks in black, green, pink or grey or open-topped mary-jane socks in black (ideal for keeping your feet cool in summer). We even have special holiday edition silver glitter socks in stock for a short time only. Our cotton non-slip socks are $20/pair or you can purchase a beautifully presented gift pack of 2 pairs for just $34.

No 9: Secret Santa Office Gift Pack

These $10 packs are ideally priced as stocking fillers or secret santa gifts.

Each pack contains a 9cm spiky massage ball and a handbook of instructions for releasing the neck, shoulders, feet, hips and more.

Excellent for desk-bound office workers and those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

No 10: Selected Pilates Books with Bonus DVD

Expand your home practice with hardcover copies of our Essential “Pilates”, “Core Stability”, “Ball” or “Meditation” books.

Each book comes with a bonus DVD featuring a full length class. Great value at just $9 each.