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Pilates Perth, WA | The Perth Pilates Studio

Indoor SUP Pilates


The Perth Pilates Studio is the first studio offering Indoor SUP Pilates in Perth.

Indoor SUP Pilates is Pilates performed on the unstable surface of an indoor Stand Up Paddleboard! It provides a deceptively challenging workout.

There are numerous benefits to training on an indoor SUP board. The unstable surface of the board produces:

1. Increased Focus: Concentration is one of the key principles of Pilates. However, it’s often very easy to get distracted in class. In a SUP class, you have to focus on your movement the entire time or you’ll fall off the board. It's a guaranteed path to mindfulness!

2. Enhanced Proprioception: the unstable surface provided by the board magnifies the effect of any imbalances in the body. You'll immediately feel when you're pulling to one side or the other and be able to figure out how to correct your imbalances as you adjust to stay stable on the board.

3. Improved Balance: the SUP board provides an advanced level balance challenge. Regular SUP practice will improve balance not just on the board but during all your activities of daily living.

4. Increased Muscle Activation (While Also Reducing Over-Recruitment): Maintaining balance during exercise on the board requires higher levels of muscular activation than would occur if the same exercises were performed on the floor. At the same time, if you over-recruit your muscles you'll become excessively rigid and unable to make the subtle adjustments required to maintain balance on the board. It's the best of both worlds!

Finally, indoor SUP is excellent cross-training and preparation for outdoor SUP. It allows those who are nervous about trying outdoor SUP to get the feel of it on land beforehand. For experienced SUPers, using an indoor board allows work on balance and technique before ever setting foot on the water. It also makes it possible to practice SUP workouts even when the nice weather ends.

Come along and try a class today. Click here to view our current timetable and book in. You'll love the difference SUP makes to 

your regular routine!

Email the studio via [email protected] or call 9227 6641 if you have any questions.