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Pilates Perth, WA | The Perth Pilates Studio

Power Plate in Perth

Whether your goal is to find a more time-efficient way of working out, to lose weight, tone up, reduce cellulite or increase your fitness level, or if you are looking for a way back to your pre-baby body, Power Plate can help.

Power plate classes at The Perth Pilates Studio last for 30 minutes each and are taught with a maximum of 4 students per instructor. The platforms condense a hard 60 to 90 minutes weights based workout into a 30 minute session. Every session with Power Plate you challenge your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The "whole body vibration" delivered by Power Plate means that even when you're doing an exercise focused on one particular muscle group, the machine will have you working your entire body.

As far as working out goes, Power Plate is easily the best return for your time investment. You won't be able to achieve the same level of workout and consequently the same results, in such a short period of time with any other form of exercise. Unsure? Try it for yourself and see!

For more information, check out Karen Miller's review of her Power Plate experience at The Perth Pilates Studio on the blog at Wellness WA.